Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, 23 February 2018-.  Within the framework of the second Festival of the tiritas of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo 2018, as its name indicates it, it is the typical dish of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo: the tiritas of fish which are put in the honor.     By inaugurating this event, Lic. Homero Rodríguez Rodríguez, constitutional municipal President of Zihuatanejo de Azueta Guerreromasí launched this big festivity and filled Zihuatanejo with flavors and with music to celebrate for the second time its Festival of tiritas. It is supported by the Government and the Secretariat of Tourism of the State of Guerrero, the Municipal Government, as well as the restoration’s sector of the city. This singular competition had the chance to count on the presence of many local, national and foreign visitors, particularly from Canada and the United States. The participants are more than 35 members entrepreneurs of the National Chamber of the Industry of the Restoration and Seasoned Food (CANIRAC). With live music, the restaurant owners presented their plates with only 5 basic ingredients of the recipe: a fish filet, a red onion, a hot pepper, a lime and some salt. The presentation, the taste, the consistency and the balance of the recipe were the criteria of election for the jury. This one was composed of two renowned chefs and three personalities of the locality. The whole in a feeling of family and good-companionship. Rebeca Farías Salazar, President of the National Chamber of the Industry of the Restoration and Seasoned Food (CANIRAC), assured that this edition had exceeded all the expectations in terms of participation and attendance compared in the previous year. Among the restaurant owners who participated, the first objective was to demonstrate its big maturity, its creativity in the presentation and in the elaboration of this typical dish. Here is the list of the famous restaurants which participated : Restaurante-Bar El Indio, Angustina, Mariscos Chendos, Cuattro Cycle, Restaurante Bar Las 3 Sirenas, Restaurante Garrobos, Restaurante Letys, Restaurante Oliverios, Maricos Michigan, Restaurante Otilia, Hamburguesas y Wins Palo Santo, Restaurante Princess Rebeca, Hotel ZihuaCaracol, Restaurant Sea Food Punta Diamante, Restaurante Villa del Pescador, Yume No Tochu, Restaurante Los Bolillos, Restaurante Oliverio, Restaurante El Tiburón de la Costa, La Casita Ecovegana and La Raíz de la Tierra. Special mention this last restaurant because it proposes a concept other than all the restaurants mentioned previously. Indeed, all the food which are presented in thes creative dishes as tiritas of mushroom and ceviche of mango, is of natural oriqin and biological 100 %. Moreover, hand-made plastic bags aiming at reducing plastics as well as biodegradable straws were proposed to decrease the waste which could pollute the sea. This initiative is the work of the international guitarist Gaby Quintero. After a comparison and a tasting of the dishes of every participant, the jury gave its verdict. Here is the podium of the competition : 1st place._ Restaurante De Bolillos. 2nd place._ Restaurante El Tiburón de la Costa. 3rd place._ Restaurante Oliverio. These prices (an amount of money in cash) were given by the hands of Lic. Homero Rodríguez Rodríguez and his wife, Dip. Maricarmen Cabrera Lagunas, C.P. Sanin Serna Narjera, Lic. Jorge Sanchez Allec, and famous personalities of the tourist, entrepreneurial and governmental sector. Special prices were given by Dip. Maricarmen Cabrera Lagunas to some restaurants for their remarkable participation among them, a kitchen stove and two televisions. By: Sam Steenacker.