• During the strong influx days Ixtapa Zihuatanejo had an average activity of 93 %
  • The destination tries to maintain the levels of activity through events in the next months as Mexi Log Fest, the International Fishing Tournament of Pez Vela and the International Triathlon of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
  Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, on April 9th 2018-. With a 849 million peso distribution, an influx of more than 250 thousand visitors and an average hotel activity of 76.3 %, the binomial of Pacific Coast of the State of Guerrero brought back excellent results during the Holy Week and Easter this year of 2018. Besides, the destination obtained, in the daytime of stronger influx, a hotel occupation of more than 93 %. In press conference, the Secretary of the Tourism of the Government of the State of Guerrero, Ernesto Rodríguez, informed that the Holy Week and Easter holiday season ended, in the State, with an influx of 1.218.292 tourists, a total hotel occupation of 74 % and a 2.775,6 million peso economic benefit. "Undoubtedly we surpass the expectations that we have planned for this year, because we hoped to arrive around 800.000 visitors and we received more than 1.000.000" he mentioned. For his part the Director of the Common office and the Visitors, Pedro Castelán, commented that "we had a good season, nothing but during the Holy Week our binomial received 148.630 tourists and a 80.3 % activity, this big influx generated an economic benefit of 503 million peso and made, in an important way, the destination benefits". "We will continue to work to maintain our levels of occupation and one of our actions to obtain it, will be to bring events to the quality destination. For the weekends of this month we prepared the second edition of the international event of surfing, Mexi Log Fest from April 29th till May 6th and nothing but in May we will realize two of our most symbolic events, the International Fishing Tournament of Pez Vela and the International Triathlon of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo ", underlined Castelán. Ixtapa Zihuatanejo was strengthened as one of the favourite Mexican destinations to be on vacation, thus it was given the task to offer diverse activities and events of any character so that the visitors have an ample range of options besides its 12 beaches and its 365 days of sun.